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  • JCIA has honored Al Sharq Hospital among the prestigious group of 1,000 Gold seal accredited Organizations of 2018 from around the world.
  • FNRC Signs Medical Agreement with Al Sharq Healthcare

    Fujairah Natural Resources Corporation has signed a medical treatment agreement with Al Sharq Healthcare. Based on this agreement, ( JOUD ) discounted card holder for FNRC employees, will be provided with medical services through Al Sharq Hospital and Al Sharq Medical Centers with special discount.​ The agreement was signed at FNRC premises by Eng. Ali Mohammed, General Manager-Fujairah Natural Resources Corporation and Dr. Khalid Al Ansari, CEO – Al Sharq Healthcare.

  • Staple pin swallowed by two years old emirati boy

    Doctor from the ENT department of Al Sharq Hospital, Dr. Predrag Spiric, recently saved the life of a 2 years old Emirati boy, who swallowed 2.12 cm staple pin that got stuck in his esophagus. The parents took the child to the Al Sharq hospital’s emergency department where ENT Specialist Dr. Predrag Spiric instructed to do fluoroscopy procedure (Chest X-Ray) immediately. The examination showed a staple pin stuck in the esophagus. After an hour-long Endoscopy surgery, the staple pin removed under the general anesthesia without any injury. Dr. Predrag Spiric said : “ The child was kept under observation for 24 hours and discharged next day “ and he added “ the parents were counseled and asked to keep sharp objects out of the children reach’.

    Read more about Dr. Predrag Spiric

  • FNG Celebrates The 47th UAE National Day

    In the presence of Sheikh Dr. Mohammed Bin Saleh Al Sharqi, FNG Vice Chairman, Fujairah National Group celebrated the 47th UAE National Day. The celebration took place at FNG head office where it started with UAE flag hoisting and the national anthem with the attend of FNG board members, managers, and employees. Theme of celebration was inspired by UAE traditional heritage, where everyone enjoyed the traditional Emirati food in a traditional atmosphere. Fujairah National Advertising Company offered in-house customized mug printing for all employees during the celebration which added an unforgettable touch for this event. At the end of the celebration, FNG announced the winner of the best photo of FNG Flag Day Contest and the winner of the National Day Raffle.

  • Commemoration Day Ceremony in FNG

    The Commemoration Day ceremony at Fujairah National Group started with lowering UAE flag at 8:00am, and followed by a minute of silence and raising the UAE flag at 11:30 with the national anthem. FNG ceremony addressed the recognition of the sacrifices the UAE's martyrs gave to perform their duties to the homeland and keeping the UAE flag high.

  • Medical Agreement between Al Sharq Healthcare and Fujairah SC

    Al Sharq Healthcare has signed a medical agreement with Fujairah Sports & Cultural Club. The purpose of this agreement is to provide medical services with special discounts for the club's employees and their families through Al Sharq Hospital and Al Sharq Healthcare centers. The medical agreement was signed by Dr. Khalid Al Ansari, CEO Al Sharq Healthcare, and Mr. Humaid Al Yammahi, Vice Chairman of Fujairah SC.

  • FNG participates in NBF Run 2018

    For the second year in a row, Fujairah National Group participated in National Bank of Fujairah Run which held on 23rd of November. FNG Vice Chairmen, Sheikh Sultan Bin Saleh Al Sharqi and Sheikh Hamad Bin Saleh Al Sharqi, have presence and participated in the run. In addition, Al Sharq Hospital – part of the Al Sharq Healthcare and the division of FNG – participated as a medical sponsor. The medical team conducted pre-medical checkup for all runners to test their medical condition and their readiness for the run; Also, Al Sharq Hospital’s ambulances and the special emergency team were presented till the end of the event. The participation of IRISIN Gym team this year contributed to the sponsorship of FNG to this event with their motivational spirit. IRISIN team shared some fitness and exercise tips with the runners.

World Diabetes Day Checkups
Wed, 14 Nov 2018

Every year on November 14th, the world raises the awareness of World Diabetes Day. This year, Al Sharq Healthcare chose to raise the awareness of Diabetes through focusing on the importance of having regular checkups of blood sugar and blood pressure. Therefore, a series of free medical checkups were organized in collaboration with Khorfakkan Municipality, Fujairah Municipality, and Sharjah Education Zone; where the employees and clients have gone through sugar test and blood pressure measurement with a free consultation.